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Planet of the Apes Timeline


Take off

Taylor, Dodge, Landon and Stewart take off from Cape Kennedy on the Liberty 1

January 14th 1972

Ship Time

While recording his final log, Taylor explains his team has just finished 6 months in space. This date is shown on the panel, and is the date according the team. He also explains Dr Hasslein's theory that while travelling at nearly the speed of light the earth has aged nearly 700 years.

July 14th 1972

Earth Time (Start of Log)

We see this date as the "Earth Time" displayed on Taylor's control panel while recording his final log. This is the estimated date on earth based on Dr Hasslein's theory

March 23rd 2673

Earth Time (End of Log)

As Taylor finishes his final log entry, we see the Earth Time flick over to 27th March. Based on Dr Hasslein's theory it took Taylor 4 days to record that log entry!

March 27th 2673

Earth Time (Crash Landing)

The Liberty 1 crashes into a lake and the crew (apart from Stewart) awake from hypersleep. Water comes pouring in, so the crew escape before they sink. While getting out, Taylor has a look at the control panel and sees the year on earth is 3978

November 25th 3978