Dates In Movies

Dates In Movies : 1972


World's End, The

Gary King was born. Shown on his medical bracelet near the end of the film.

January 3rd 1972

Planet of the Apes

- Take off

Taylor, Dodge, Landon and Stewart take off from Cape Kennedy on the Liberty 1

January 14th 1972

Forrest Gump

- Watergate

Forrest Gump prevents the bugging of the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate hotel

June 17th 1972

Planet of the Apes

- Ship Time

While recording his final log, Taylor explains his team has just finished 6 months in space. This date is shown on the panel, and is the date according the team. He also explains Dr Hasslein's theory that while travelling at nearly the speed of light the earth has aged nearly 700 years.

July 14th 1972

Dog Day Afternoon

- Real Life Robbery

The events of Dog Day Afternoon

August 22nd 1972

Poseidon Adventure, The

- Capized

A giant wave capsizes the S.S. Poseidon on New Years Eve, turning her upside down

December 31st 1972