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Dates In Movies : 1973


X-Men: Days of Future Past

- Mystique under cover

When Mystique poses as a general to free some mutants, she looks at some medical report conducted by TRASK Industries on this date

January 21st 1973

Back to the Future 2

- George McFly murdered / was honored

In the alternate 1985 where Biff is a millionaire, Marty learns from his Mother that his father, George McFly, was murdered away years ago. Marty races to the graveyard, and finds George's grave. In the corrected 1985 however, it was on this day that George McFly was honored

March 15th 1973

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

- Bruce Lee Died

Perhaps the greatest martial artist ever, Bruce Lee died of cerebral edema on this day

July 20th 1973

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

- Movie occurs on this day

5 youths give a hitch hiker a lift, then get invited to dinner

August 18th 1973

2 Fast 2 Furious

Brian Spilner's Date of Birth according to his falsified record

August 29th 1973