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Dates In Movies : 1976



- Descisons

Apollo Creeed decides to give a nobody a title shot

January 1st 1976

Taxi Driver

- Self Improvement

Travis Bickle starts eating right and exercising regularly. Something I decide to do several times a year

June 29th 1976


- German Grand Prix

The 1976 German Grand Prix saw Niki Lauda swerve off the track, hit an embankment and then was hit by another car. His car burst into fire where Niki was trapped and suffered severe burns and lung damage from smoke inhalation.

August 1st 1976

Rocky 2

- Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed 2

After narrowly winning on points, Apollo Creed couldn't stand the ridicule he faced after fighting Rocky Balboa. He gives Rocky a rematch on Thanksgiving so he can prove Rocky lasting 12 rounds against him was lucky

November 25th 1976

Super 8

- Accident

Based on the date Joe's mother died, and the sign that the factory went 784 days without an accident, we know an accident occurred at Lillian Steel factory on this day

December 11th 1976

Box, The

- What is The Box?

Norma Lewis awakes to find a strange delivery at her doorstep

December 16th 1976