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Dates In Movies : 1990


2 Fast 2 Furious

The driving licence dates on Brian O'Conner's faked police record

May 17th 1990

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

The day of The Memorial Day Massacre

May 28th 1990

World's End, The

The film begins with a Simon Pegg naration introducing his friends, and explaining the events of their first attempt at The Golden Mile

June 22nd 1990

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Dale finds a paper showing the Mem. Day Murderer was caught on this day

July 14th 1990

Home Alone

- Home Alone

Kevin MccAllister gets left behind, does what any young lad does when left Home Alone

December 22nd 1990

Die Hard 2

- Christmas Eve

John McClane gets into more Christmas mischief, this time at an airport

December 24th 1990