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Dates In Movies : 1993


Fugitive, The

- Mrs Kimble Murdered

Dr Richard Kimble's wife was murdered by a 1 armed man (Insert "Hand Solo" joke here)

January 20th 1993

Fugitive, The

- Spotted

After posing as a janitor at Cook County Hospital, Richard Kimble is spotted by Samuel Gerard. He chases Kimble, who escapes through a security door and then hides amongst a St. Patrick's Day parade

March 17th 1993

Social Network, The

- Roy Raymond suicide

Roy Raymond committed suicide. The movie said it was 2 years after he sold Victoria's Secret, it was actually 11 years

August 26th 1993

Hocus Pocus

- They're back!

The Sanderson sisters come back from the grave

October 31st 1993

Sleepless in Seattle

- New Years Eve

New Years celebrations. Annie spends it with Walter at a party, and Sam with his son Jonah at home

December 31st 1993