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Dates In Movies : 2004



- Finale

Max Durocher continues to drive hitman Vincent around in his taxi

January 25th 2004

Social Network, The


Mark Zuckerberg launched

February 4th 2004

Terminator 3

- Terminators arrive

The T-X arrives to kill John Connor's resistance commanders. The T-850 arrives to stop her

July 24th 2004

Terminator 3

- The new Judgement Day

The T-850 informs John & Kate that Judgement Day was only postponed following the events in Terminator 2 (how else could they continue the franchise!). This is the date of the new Judgement Day

July 25th 2004

Mean Girls

- It's October 3rd

Aaron started talking to Cady

October 3rd 2004

Alien vs. Predator

Explorers open a tomb unveiling mankind's worst nightmare

October 10th 2004

Fever Pitch

- Red Sox Win

Red Sox win the world series depicted in the remake of Fever Pitch

October 27th 2004

Impossible, The

- Tsunami

While on holiday is Thailand, Henry Bennett (Ewan McGregor), his wife Maria (Naomi Watts), and their three sons Are caught up in tsunami. Based on the actual 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

December 26th 2004