Dates In Movies

Dates In Movies : 2010


I Am Legend

- Superman vs. Batman

The day that the Superman Vs Batman crossover film was due for release. This was filmed way before any official announcement or the Man of Steel film

May 15th 2010

Town, The

Ben Affleck and his crew rob a bank and take someone hostage

June 16th 2010

Captain Phillips

- Captain Philips returns to work

The day Captain Phillips returned to work is shown on a cue card at the end of the movie

July 25th 2010

District 9

- Eviction Day

The MNU, lead by Wikus, start handing out eviction notices to prawns. Wikus gets a facial

August 9th 2010

District 9

- Tests

After his Prawn facial, Wikus is taken into hospital for tests

August 10th 2010

District 9

- Escape

Wikus escapes from hospital

August 11th 2010

District 9

- Cannister Retrieval

Wikus & Christopher break into MNU to retrieve the cannister

August 13th 2010


- Broken Wings

MacGruber uses Dixon Piper as a human shield. Then has sex with Vicki & Casey's ghost

September 19th 2010

Race to Witch Mountain

- Taxi Permit Expires

Jack Bruno's taxi permit expires

December 13th 2010